Dedication and efforts

Aseret Congruence LLC is dedicated to the development of Human Resources through training, coaching and continued development. Competency Models as well as Guiding Principles for effective communication (internal and external) are part of the strategic tools we develop for clients.  We offer established programs, modify said programs if required or build specifically to needs.

Aseret will help you make a difference today and develop for tomorrow.Fish personality



  • Aseret Congruence LLC was created by people that were previously (and still are in many ways) sales people, front line managers, directors, educators, coaches, executives and parents.
  • Human capital is the driver of success in any enterprise and it is their desire for continued quality improvement that is the inspiration behind the mission of Aseret.
  • Aseret owns over 80% of the programs we offer.  This means that we can adapt or modify programs to the unique needs of each client.
  • Aseret believes development and growth comes with sustained efforts.  As a result, programs are structured to become an integrated part of our clients’ growth platform.

General Objectives

  • Provide simple and effective methods to optimize communication effectiveness in Human Resources for all levels.
  • Create consistent habits of effective listening, understanding and convincing communication
  • Increase measurable results (sales, management, leadership, team) and customer satisfaction (internal and external)
  • Provide a common language that all stakeholders can apply and build upon
  • Optimize internal productivity, satisfaction and success

Key Concepts

  • Effective people in sales, leadership, business development and team environments are first and foremost excellent communicators
  • Trust is often the ultimate efficiency point
  • Collaboration and partnership develop trust and sustained success
  • Relationship building is generated through effective communication with respect to understanding and satisfaction of true needs
  • People are different and so are their needs.  Therefore, each person deserves an adapted approach


Training and development efforts cannot remain limited to an “event” if teams and corporations expect growth and improvement.  Those efforts have incorporated a structured approach over time that allows a continuous evaluation of results and fine tuning of efforts.  Change happens over time with continuous efforts.  Change happens when the Big Fish concept is understood, put to action and included in every developmental effort.

This depicts our usual approach to sustainable competency development and behavioral change:

Preparation and adaptation

  • Evaluate needs, situation and objectives
  • Determine if the programs or solutions can meet the needs
  • When necessary or required, customize programs to fully adapt to the needs
  • Send Needs Assessment to participants/stakeholders
  • Analysis and customization
  • Approval of final program


  • Participants receive some pre-work materials
  • Included in the program materials
  • Separate from the program materials
  • Introduction/discussion of key concepts with application
  • Self-analysis and development plan
  • Preparation for strategic and tactical application
  • Vary from a few hours of preparation work to multiple remote sessions
  • Increases retention and applicability
  • Increases “in-class” effectiveness and practice time


  • In-depth understanding of concepts and methods
  • Dialogue on situational application
  • Strategic plan development


  •  “Real play” creating good habits through sharing with colleagues
  • Emphasis on daily application with customers
  • Discuss and share solutions and successes
  • Consolidate what was acquired


  • Aseret provides one-on-one coaching
  • Support of internal coaching
  • Remote sessions

Some situations or program options can be adapted in order to bring teams or groups together remotely


Below is an example of a full program structure.  Click the image to enlarge.