Big Fish Concept

BIG FISH is a visual and interpretative concept that illustrates how as humans, we learn and change our habits.

The 3 main protagonists are:BigFish slide

  • The Food
  • The Bowl
  • The Fish

The Food is all the information we receive on a daily basis that may contribute to our growth and development.

  • Training program
  • Interaction with a mentor, client, colleague or friend
  • Books or publications
  • Articles
  • Discussions. Presentations
  • Observations

The Bowl is the environment in which we live (evolve, work, play, etc…).  That environment is not just the job we have or the current situation in which we live.  It is also, and mainly, all the influences from our past and present that make us who we are.  This includes:

  • Upbringing
  • Education
  • Family
  • Experience
  • Successes and failures
  • Friends
  • Co-workers
  • And any other part of our lives that have had an impact on our development

The Bowl represents our current limits based on our beliefs.  For example: if one has a degree in Communication, it is possible that scientific concepts seem so foreign that the following perception may ensue: I know nothing about science and will never understand any of it.

The Fish represents any of us in terms of the full potential we have, whether we use it or not.  The point is to grow and develop that potential and actually USE it.

In our concept, the only variable is the Bowl.  The Fish already represents our full potential and the Food is considered to be plentiful (we can read any book, attend any training program, visit any website, etc…).  One more thing; the Fish will grow in proportion to the size of the Bowl.  The bigger the Bowl: the Bigger the Fish.

For any of us to develop new skills, it is essential that we expand our Bowl.  That means accepting new information, integrate it and use it.  Development and new habits however depend on our ability to use the skills and see results that have value for us.  For example, any given teenager will be able to learn how to make their bed but will only do it willingly if the outcome has value.  In this case it may well be parents off their back…

Growth comes from the expansion of the Bowl which in turn, will allow the Fish to grow (and express more of its potential).  The Bowl expands as a result of 5 sequential moments:

  1. When applying a new skill we take ACTION
  2. As a result of the action, we need to pay attention to our PERCEPTIONS: feelings, impact, responses, etc…
  3. Our perceptions are translated to RESULTS or outcomes of our actions associated to using the skill
  4. Results usually generate FEELINGS of accomplishment, success, approval, etc…
  5. Finally, those feelings resulting from outcomes associated to the usage of a skill gives people courage or CONFIDENCE to take more action

Eventually, this sequence results in an expansion of the Bowl and establishment of new limits; new habits.

 You can see a video explaining this model in more details here in English.

Et en Français ici….