Licensing Agreement

Licensing Agreement and Obligations

All documents purchased from Aseret Congruence LLC (Licensor) either on line or via contracts are protected under a License Agreement.  The purchaser of documents is a Licensee and as such, is bound to abide by the following Agreement Rules.

  1. Licenses are non-exclusive and non-transferable.
  2. A license is granted for the usage of documents by a person or a limited team linked to the person (Licensee).
  3. Unless approved by Aseret Congruence LLC, copies cannot be made.
  4. Each specific user of the document needs to have a License.
  5. A License does not, in any way, give the right to sell or resell the documents.
  6. All intellectual property rights are owned by Aseret Congruence LLC and the licensee does not acquire any rights of ownership.