“I have worked with Philippe and Aseret Congruence over the past 10 years across various projects and programs. The Aseret team has always delivered value added services and programs tailored to our needs. Impactful, engaging and enlightening are the three words which are top of mind when I reflect on the collaboration we have had with Aseret over the years!”

Bruce Boulanger – GM China – VivaSanté


“I have been through two other similar courses and this was the best by far.  It is the only such course where it was relevant to my daily activities and feel that I can actually apply what I learned today.  Thank you.”

Sales Representative – Lundbeck


“Has made me think about my interactions with others and me more mindful of how I am perceived, as well as how I can become a better communicator in time.”

Sales Manager – ConvaTec 


“I thought this was a great program, one that I could immediately see results/applications. The ongoing follow up sessions were incredibly worthwhile – if for no other reason than to keep reminding us of the model and to see others’ successes for motivation. Thank you!!”

Karen Petznick – IMS Health


The facilitator was exceptional, one of the best I have seen.

Account Manager – IMS Canada


“This was an excellent training session. With regards to the follow up meetings, I had wondered why we needed to go through them. However, the preparation required and the additional thought processes needed to get ready for the meetings was really beneficial for overall learning process on the concepts that had been presented in the training.”

Kim Doherty-Smith – L’Oreal


“People make the difference and Phillip is no exception.  He had a terrific balance of knowledge and experience that he was able to communicate in an effortless manner ”

Product manager – UCB Inc.


“This session was the most relevant to DSA positions as it was synthesized to meaningful activities as a coach and as a representative.”

District Sales Associate– Lundbeck Canada


“Philippe is an exceptional facilitator.  Very effective and entertaining presenter.”

Matt Fraser– Bank of Development Canada


“I learned mostly what I will decide before doing a call, I will prepare based on the style of the customer.”

Sales Professional– Pharmascience


“The facilitator is one of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with”

Wassim Adel– Lundbeck Middle-East


“This is a great program that everyone in IMS should take part in. I think too many of us jump to the “DO” part of the model and skip listening to what the client really needs or is telling us. All tools are supplied to make sure we utilize the model on a daily basis.”

Chris Hankey – IMS Health


“Gone through other programs.  This calls NOT for us to change who we are but rather, to simply make adjustments to better understand/communicate to true drivers/motivations.  Eye opening: we know this exists but now it is more concrete and understandable.”

Sales professional – Merck