Core Values

Making a Difference Today, Developing for Tomorrow

Our daily activities and actions are directed at influencing positive and sustainable changes or growth in people.

It is important that any impact or movement in a new direction happens immediately.  This happens through our interactions with clients, ensuring that only valuable time is spent and invested.  It also implies that we approach our work differently, with a perspective that continuously helps clients remain true to their own values and still provoke new thinking, evolutive action and improvements.  It is critical that participants to our programs or clients with whom we develop strategic tools are able to very rapidly notice, feel or measure a positive impact of our concerted efforts.

Developing implies that we adopt a structured approach with an understanding of human behavior and learning processes.  Inspired by the work and results of Carl Rogers, we thrive on avoiding a directive approach to learning and development to favor an environment in which individuals are put in situations of discovering, experimenting, feeling, observing results and gaining the confidence to adapt and change (see Big Fish concept).  We believe that people need concerted actions over time to create new habits.  As such we always encourage an approach that embraces process rather than punctual events.

Congruence for us represents a series of efforts that work together for a common goal that respects both professional success and human needs and nature.