Daily Archives: October 6, 2017

The evolution of dynamic communication

In line with the trends identified in the last 12 years, Dynamic and Engaging Communication continues to rank as one of the highest needs in Talent Development.

What is Dynamic and Engaging Communication and why is it important?


An effective communicator is an astute influencer in all areas of Leadership, including Presentation/Facilitation, Decision Making, Hiring, Change Management, Executive Coaching, Key Account Management, Stakeholder Management, and one of most impactful skills, Effective Listening.

Our customers come to us with both urgent and increasing need for Engaging Communication Skills.


Over the last few years, we led over 20 programs involving Medical Education Professionals, Medical Science Liaison Specialists and a large number of Physicians, Advance Practice Nurses and Pharmacists in 10 Biopharmaceutical Therapeutic Areas.

We propagated best practices in Case Study facilitation, Remote Meeting Management, Clinical Discussion Facilitation, Educational Facilitation as well in Dynamic Presentations Skills.  In all of these courses we heard loudly from our customers, this is EXACTLY what they needed in order to clearly deliver impactful, dynamic, scientific presentations which keep the audience fully engaged, throughout the presentations and well into the Q and A Sessions, along with feedback from participants on the need for more information.


For the last 15 years, Leadership Development has been our most active sector.  While coaching and development of teams have been the main areas of interest, hiring skills specifically dynamic interviewing methods – are gaining interest. So much so, that we are in the process of writing an e-book.  We also developed a half day workshop on the topic, in an effort to adapt to growing requests.

Due to the numerous transformations in Healthcare Commercialization, Change Management and Key Account Management have regained momentum in our curriculum.  Decision Making/Risk Taking, which was usually reserved for C-Suite executives, is now being offered by many organizations to their employees in order to empower them with skills to better think outside the box and to adapt to the constant change in business realities.

Executive Coaching works in concert with Leadership Development activities.  Our sector specializing in the development of competency models and career paths.  Clarity of roles and expectations, along with the proper support by leadership teams, generate increased dynamism in the workforce.

New kids on the block are programs on resource allocation (QQTR) and managing challenging situations.

The question organizations need to contemplate is this, “are we part of the innovative and dynamic leaders that are creating the new present, or are we deciding to follow later, and play catch up?”  If you are in the first group, we want to collaborate and help you make that difference.