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Hiring abilities: reduce enormous losses and spike productivity

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A large majority of managers have to hire people.  Unless companies are going through a growth spurt, managers usually prefer to limit the number of times they engage into hiring processes.  Why?  It consumes time, it implies that team members have left, it takes the focus away from what is perceived as result generating activities.  Having to replace a person in the team often indicates the loss of a valuable asset.  In other cases, it may hide a certain level of dysfunctionality requiring solutions.  While hiring a new person in a team may seem trivial or mundane at times, it is a significant moment to capture and find solutions to optimize productivity.  Or, on the contrary, generate various levels of unrest.  Hiring is a serious endeavor.  As much as a great hire can significantly boost morale and performance in a group, a bad one can be very costly.  Here is the text of the second slide used in the Congruent™ Hiring program:

The question we then ask participants is simple, “can you afford to throw away $240,000?”  This number is relatively easy to assess or measure.  We are preparing a book in which we include a calculation table.  The cost that remains much more difficult to calculate is that of disengagement.  You can read more about it here.  Congruent™ Hiring proposes a structure and process that will help mitigate those costs and improve the quality of any hiring process.

The four critical aspects

  1. They test the candidate, their behavior, their reactions, their ideas and intended solutions in as many of the situations associated to the role for which there is an opening.
  2. Create a unique environment from the “usual” or “classic” interview.
  3. Allow answers from the candidate to be reproduced and compared.
  4. The candidate is allowed to ask questions or express their unprompted opinion at any time during the process.


The 7 keys

Candidates are evaluated primarily on Values, Traits and Synergy rather that Skills.

A solid question sequence

The questions asked during the process have to bring the candidate to tell their story.  A full engagement of the person and a vivid determination to understand will likely reveal the real person and their true fit for the role.  And like any good story, there needs to be facts, emotions and consistency.

Results and progress – Comments from participants

“I find that interviewee truly has to “think”…rather than spew out a canned response that they have clearly rehearsed.”

“Faster narrowing of the candidate pool. Increased confidence in hiring decisions. More successful hires.”

“Better fit within the team and organization as a whole. Candidates hired become long term, high performers.”

Congruent Hiring – Outline

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